Swift Programming language 

Three months in and nearing the end on my course on Swift2 Apples programming language. I have learned alot and have been putting my skills to work.  Udemy has been my main learning avenue so many great courses and instructors. Keeping up with the latest technologies and real mobile app projects. The iOS 9, Swift 2, and Xcode 7 – Apple Mobile App Development, on @udemy. https://bnc.lt/Xfid/mcbojylXho


On my journey to building my business.  I’ve completed prototyping my first app which is near completion just testing and getting the kinks and bugs out of it before I submitt into the Apple store. I have learned the importance of research and knowing your market. One application I highly recommend for prototyping is Marvel its free app and it brings your app to life. Great way to getting your app in a few hands to test the flow of the app before you start coding it.

In a future post I will go through the process I have learned to get your app idea from idea to submitted. I have learned so much from good mentors and people in the industry. I thank them for the knowledge they have given me.

Have a great weekend and I will leave you with this Quote “We all have a dream for our lives. Even when times get rough, gain strength from what you’ve endured and persevere onward knowing that one day you’ll get there!”