A new year welcome to 2016

I’m gonna first start off happy new year and I would love to share this quote that a friend of mine shared on Facebook.

Last year has been great. I had great personal growth but it also has brought me some health issues that I continue to deal with but I look at 2016 to be another great year 🙂

I am near the completion of my first mobile application in the testing stage. I continue to practice the skills that I learned using the Swift Programming language.

Game development is my next project.

I decided to expand my knowledge in game development. Gaming is another passion I have besides , Music production & Singing.  I am learning the Unity3D software for game development. I found this great course on Coursera- from Michigan State University. Its part of a series but I will begin with one class. Click image to get more info.  I just started week one and it looks interesting will keep you posted.

Screen Shot 2016-01-09 at 3.48.07 PM

I wish you have prosperous and healthy new year.




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